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Nils   Thomsen’s    Colleague    Pipe
Goddes Of Vine Special Pipe

Nils  Thomsen’s  Colleque  Pipe
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If   you  think   of   an   quality    inexpensive   pipe . .
Price  € 70
Net  price  for  home  delivery,  without  an  additional fee.

  • Pipe  size                                          medium    
  • Height  of  head                               40 mm      
  • Bowl  outsied  diameter                    30  mm
  • Bowl  inner  diameter                       20 mm
  • Depth  of  tobacco   chamber            35 mm      
  • Overall  length                                110 mm    
  • Shank  lenght                                   65 mm                
  • Stem  color  black  and  is  an  acrylic  stem.   

Connecting  tool:


We  use  as  “motrise” and “tenon”  a  new  system  made  of  “Alu & teflon”  which  is

    • very  healthy
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