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Hand Carving

We use only best natural blocks of meerschaum or the carving of our perfect pipes.
Our pipes are not a product of a " mass - production". Each of your orders shall be custom carved by our "professional craftmans". Due to the craftsman's style there might be slight differences between these "hand-carwed artwork pipes".

Our artistic hand-carved pipes are made in two types:

  •  smooth pipes and
  •  artwork pipes ( head-figures)
Smooth Pipe Model 541
Artwork Pipe Model 607

Sometimes, the "fossil own" stains, spots or foreign materials like sand are found in natural meerschaum stones. These things appear during the carving. This is not a disadvantage, but reverse, it is a sign, that the material is the real natural meerschaum.

The Removing These Foreign Materials:

  •  On artwork-pipes we remove these things through the cutting-process.
  •  On smooth-pipes, to remove these foreign materials we recut. And, approximately 50 % of the smooth - pipes will be aestheticly latticed.
The "latticed-recut" also allows "pipe-cooling" 

The following models show you examples for "lattice-cutting":
Model 540
Model 550


Bowl  heights  by  classic  pipes  according  the  pipe  sizes:

“Extra  large”:          between  50  and  55  mm
“Large”:        between  45  and  50  mm

The  artwork  pipes  are  larger  than  the  classic  pipes  by  each  pipe  size.         © 2000-2019